Rising Star Muireann Bradley Captivates Audiences on BBC Radio

Published January 16, 2024

Ballybofey’s young talent, Muireann Bradley, is quickly gaining nationwide acclaim following her recent performances on BBC’s airwaves. At just 17 years old, Muireann has showcased her musical prowess to a growing number of fans, enchanting them with her soulful voice and expertise in folk blues.

Pitch-Perfect Performance on BBC Radio

Muireann’s voice reached millions when she offered a flawless performance of ‘Candyman’ by Rev Gary Davis during BBC2’s New Year’s Eve program. She continued to capture hearts with her subsequent appearance on the acclaimed Blues Show with Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 2. Listeners were treated to a beautiful selection of tunes that highlighted her evolving artistry.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Muireann remarked, "Thank you so much to Cerys and her wonderful team for making me feel so welcomed. It’s not every day you meet someone as into their music as this super cool lady."

A Viral Sensation on BBC Music YouTube

The teenager’s stunning Hootenanny performance did not go unnoticed. It skyrocketed to the top of the trending videos on BBC Music’s YouTube page, amassing over 415,000 views, a testament to her appeal and talent. This exposure followed her debut television performance, where she effortlessly shared the stage with the likes of Rod Stewart.

Her appearance on the show was no fluke. It came about after the founder of Tompkins Square label, Josh Rosenthal, sent her album to the program’s producers, impressed by Muireann’s unique sound. Stewart even passed his microphone to the young star during a group rendition, signaling her welcome into the music community.

Muireann’s style, deeply rooted in folk blues, was influenced by her father’s musical tastes. Her dedication to the genre and evolving skill has not only earned her spots on prestigious platforms but is also endearing her to a diverse audience.

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