Oscar Nominations 2024: The Notable Absences of Margot Robbie and Zac Efron

Published January 23, 2024

The anticipation for Oscar nominations often comes with a season of speculations and wishful thinking. While the 2024 nominations did not disappoint in showcasing a range of talent, there were a few names missing that sparked conversation about this year's snubs.

Margot Robbie's Missed Nomination

Hopes were high for Margot Robbie, who not only starred in but also produced the blockbuster hit Barbie. Despite receiving nods from other prestigious awards, Robbie's absence in the Best Actress category at the Oscars left many fans and critics surprised. She had previously been acknowledged at the Golden Globes, BAFTAS, and Critics Choice Awards.

Zac Efron and Other Snubs

The same sentiment was felt for Zac Efron, whose performance in Iron Claw was widely praised for showing his remarkable range as an actor. Yet, he too was overlooked for a Best Actor nomination. The snubs extended beyond the actor categories, with Greta Gerwig missing a nod for her directorial work, and films like May December receiving no nominations at all, leaving fans of the talent involved, like Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, disappointed.

Oscar Nominations: Who Made the Cut?

Amidst the oversights, several films and actors garnered recognition. The frontrunners for the evening seemed poised and ready, with movies like Oppenheimer and Poor Things scoring multiple nominations, and actors including Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone seeing their names on the coveted list. However, it's a bittersweet celebration as some notable contributions to film in 2023 were conspicuously absent.

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