Kasabian Signals New Music and Upcoming Announcement

Published February 16, 2024

Renowned Leicester band Kasabian has sparked excitement amongst fans with a social media post indicating fresh music and an important announcement scheduled for next week. In a recent update, they dropped a brief six-second clip featuring the auditory suspense of a ringing phone labelled 'no caller ID', complemented by the distinctive vibes of bass guitar and snare drum rhythms.

Social Media Buzz

Accompanying the mysteriously cryptic video was a caption with eye-catching emoji icons and a date '21/02', hinting at the coming Wednesday. Band supporters are buzzing with anticipation as they speculate what the ensemble has in store.

Anticipation Builds for New Releases

Adding to the intrigue, frontman Serge Pizzorno shared his own teaser-themed media. A miniature figurine resembling the artist, adjacent to a tiny phone, came with a captivating caption that read: 'I love it when you call. It makes no sense at all x.'

In late December, Kasabian surprised their followers with news of their forthcoming album 'Happenings' and the announcement of a grand 'Summer Solstice II' show in Leicester. Pizzorno discussed the inspirations for the album, drawing parallels with psychedelic '60s happenings and art shows designed to bewilder and engage audiences.

With Pizzorno embracing the lead role following former singer Tom Meighan's departure, bassist Chris Edwards expressed confidence in his frontman abilities, praising his natural skill to electrify fans and read audiences with precision.

Future Collaborations and Projects

Looking beyond their immediate plans, Kasabian also shared earlier this year their interaction with musician Sam Fender, hinting at a potential future collaborative project. As they prepare for the much-anticipated announcement, the music community is on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what Kasabian has to unveil.

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