The Rising Harmony of The Vintage Yell

Published January 17, 2024

In the year 2021, two singer-songwriters, Chris Raspante and Jesse Spradlin, found themselves at a crossroads, eager to explore new pathways in their musical journeys. The true direction was yet to be determined.

During a collaborative session at The Cove Studios in Arlington where Raspante assisted Spradlin with a recording, a mutual respect for talent and an easygoing partnership emerged. As they both wanted a change from their usual gigs, the idea of forming a band was born from Raspante's suggestion, catalyzed by their shared appreciation for bands like Lake Street Dive, The Civil Wars, and Lukas Nelson.

The duo saw an opportunity in the musical landscape of Fort Worth, which mainly comprised solo acts and larger ensembles - duos were a rarity. This realization sparked their formation of The Vintage Yell, a band with a fresh perspective and sound.

2023 marked intense groundwork for the band as they built their online presence and secured concert dates. Their initial foray into the live music scene saw them performing at coveted events such as the Dallas International Guitar Festival and opening for Whiskey Myers, setting a promising start for The Vintage Yell.

As artists, they cherish the dynamics of performing as a duo, enjoying the shared responsibility and the flexibility it allows during live performances, compared to the solitary demands of a solo act.

With an eye on authenticity, The Vintage Yell is set to launch two EPs, produced by Raspante and released under Mesquite St. Records. They aim to replicate the live experience they are known for. Their music strives for integrity without excessive production, believing that the real quality of a song can shine through without extra adornments.

Aesthetic harmony is at the core of their creative process, with each artist enhancing the other's work without friction. The upcoming EPs will feature a balanced mix of solo compositions and collaborative pieces that embody the duo's synergy.

Furthering their ambitions, The Vintage Yell has incorporated a full backing band for larger shows and meticulously selected songs for their EPs to represent their joint artistic voice. Raspante and Spradlin envision a future filled with touring and sharing their music with audiences far beyond their Fort Worth roots. Their ultimate goal is to be an active touring band, delivering their own music across various stages nationwide.

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