Celebrating Unforgettable Times at Mad Cool Festival: A Look Back at the Most Notable Moments

Published March 22, 2024

Since its inception in 2016, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid has swiftly become a beacon of iconic musical performances and unparalleled live experiences. Hosting headlining acts and dance legends to emerging stars in music, Mad Cool has seen memorable moments that have left lasting impressions on fans worldwide.

The Killers' Triumphant 2022 Performance

Last year's festival saw The Killers reclaiming the stage with an electrifying set. The group's catalog, featuring anthems like 'The Man', alongside their new hit 'boy', moved an ocean of fans, proving why their return was highly anticipated since their postponed gig in 2020. Their set not only showcased their indie rock excellence but also highlighted the intimate connection they share with their passionate audience.

Rosalía Captivates in 2019

Rosalía, the Spanish music sensation, owned the stage during 2019's welcome party. Intertwining flamenco with pop and R&B in her latest album 'El mal querer', she was the talk of the festival, enchanting attendees with her groundbreaking sound and performance, earning her the title of the festival's queen.

Nathy Peluso: A Rising Star's Breakthrough in 2022

In 2022, Nathy Peluso, with her dynamic stage presence and eclectic musical style, delivered one of the most talked-about performances of the festival. Her show exemplified the spirit of Mad Cool, showcasing emerging talents with the ability to command a festival crowd.

Arctic Monkeys' Seductive Return in 2018

Fresh off the release of 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino', Arctic Monkeys' 2018 Mad Cool set was a mix of fresh tunes and classic hits, cementing it as a pivotal moment for the festival. Alex Turner's nod to Jack White solidified the performance as a true celebration of rock music.

Vince Staples Makes Madrid Debut in 2019

2019 marked Vince Staples’ Madrid debut, where his energetic performance post-'FM!' release brought a piece of his renowned 'Smile, You're On Camera' tour to Mad Cool, offering fans an unforgettable midnight show.

Iggy Pop Defies the Heat in 2019

With fearless energy and a timeless setlist, Iggy Pop confronted the scorching Spanish summer and left an indelible mark on the 2019 festival. His ability to captivate and engage with the festival crowd reaffirmed his status as a legendary performer.

Jorja Smith's Enrapturing Set in 2019

Jorja Smith's intoxicating vocal performance of her 'Lost & Found' album was a standout in the 2019 Mad Cool lineup. Tracks like 'Blue Lights' were rendered spectacularly as she transfixed the festival-goers with her powerful live presence.

Emerging Talent: HotWax Rocks 2023

Aside from the star-studded lineup, Mad Cool is also a platform for burgeoning artists like HotWax, who in 2023 performed to a brimming tent of eager rock fans. Their set led critics to celebrate the arrival of Britain's invigorating new rock talent.

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