Emerging Musician Emily Williams Embarks on a Journey to Express Faith Through Song

Published January 15, 2024

A newfound voice in the local music scene is aspiring to convey the intricacies of spiritual belief through her songs. Emily Williams, whose life has been entwined with melodies since her childhood bathroom concerts, is now taking a leap by recording and piecing together a music video for her original song.

From Shy Vocalist to Music Video Creator

Despite her early passion, Williams faced challenges performing live. Overcoming this fear came with encouragement from a friend, Steven Bartholomew, who after an impromptu guitar session, insisted they craft a music video for her talent. The result is a song that delves into personal hardship and the search for hope in darker times.

'Oh, My Lord' – A Song of Struggle and Faith

The song 'Oh, My Lord' draws from Williams's own difficult experiences, including grief and her battles with mental health. It became a testament to her enduring faith after realizing music as a source of solace. Bartholomew, a BYU film student, managed to marshal resources to produce the song and video, finding allies in Rask Guitars and a local Presbyterian church willing to play pivotal roles in this creative endeavor.

Williams's music reflects the human dichotomy of light and shadow, a theme that Bartholomew aimed to capture visually in the music video. With assistance from fellow BYU students, the project came to fruition, aiming to touch listeners with its message of divinity and perseverance.

Looking Forward with Music as the Message

Williams and Bartholomew are hopeful for the future, planning more songs that portray not only divine grace but also the reality of human struggles. Through their collaborative efforts, they seek to inspire and connect with others on a journey of faith. The song 'Oh, My Lord' is available for streaming, and its music video can be found on YouTube.

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