Australian and New Zealand Consumers Ranked Most Engaged Globally According to Live Nation Study

Published February 11, 2024

Live Nation Entertainment, the global leader in live entertainment, has unveiled the results of its latest Fan Insights Study titled 'Driving Loyalty', which delves into the depths of consumer engagement with live events. The findings present compelling evidence that audiences in Australia and New Zealand stand out as the most engaged in the world. Their participation in live events, and their loyalty to them, demonstrates a remarkable enthusiasm compared to global counterparts.

A Deeper Look into the Study

The 'Driving Loyalty' Fan Insights Study, conducted by Live Nation, took a comprehensive approach to understanding what drives consumer loyalty and engagement within the entertainment industry. While it spans several countries, it was the fan base in Australia and New Zealand that really shone through. These findings have crucial implications for the entertainment sector, signaling that providers should prioritize these markets to harness the full potential of their highly devoted audience base.

Implications for Entertainment Providers

The eagerness of Australian and New Zealand consumers to partake in live events creates a valuable opportunity for event organizers and entertainment providers. This heightened level of engagement hints at an audience that is not only keen to attend live events but is also more likely to remain loyal to brands that cater to their live entertainment needs. This indicates a promising landscape for businesses and investors looking to tap into an enthusiastic and dependable market.

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