Walsall Arboretum Celebrates 150th Anniversary with a Free Jubilant Day

Published March 22, 2024

Walsall Arboretum is poised to celebrate a significant milestone, its 150th anniversary, with a grand day of festivities filled with music and fun activities for all ages. This cherished green oasis in the Black Country will be the venue for a full day of celebrations on Saturday, May 4th, from noon until 7 pm. The free event not only marks the day the Arboretum first opened its doors in 1874 but also pays tribute to the park's long-standing tradition as a community hub for leisure and nature.

Entertainment for Everyone

The historic day will feature an exciting lineup of musical performances including the world's first all-female Slade tribute band, Slady, who will headline the event. This nod to Walsall's own Noddy Holder of Slade underscores the deep cultural roots the Arboretum shares with the local community. The musical extravaganza will showcase a mix of talent with acts like Midnight Crossing, Inareko, Noise Candy, and various choirs and bands gracing the stages. Visitors can expect to enjoy both full band performances on the main stage and a more intimate acoustic experience with local artists on a separate stage hosted by DJ Dicky Dodd.

Activities and Attractions Galore

Beyond the music, attendees will have an array of activities to choose from. The day includes a return of the much-loved miniature railway, and for those ready to delve into the Arboretum's history, there will be guided walks. Other offerings include children's rides, food and drink stalls, traditional games, boating opportunities on the lake, and even a wildlife management forum. While many of the activities are free, some attractions such as boat rides and children's rides will require payment.

Mayor Chris Towe expressed excitement over the event, urging people to take this opportunity to come together in appreciation of one of Walsall's most beloved sites. For a century and a half, the Arboretum has been a sanctuary for recreation, wildlife, and community events, and this celebration stands as a testament to its enduring appeal and the value it brings to residents and visitors alike.

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