A Guide to the NHPR Folk Music and Dance Calendar

Published January 15, 2024

The NHPR Folk Music and Dance Calendar is a comprehensive resource for folk enthusiasts, offering a detailed schedule of live performances, open mic nights, contra dances, and other community events for folk music and dance fans. This calendar includes both virtual and in-person events that cater to a wide range of audiences, keeping tradition alive and accessible.

What to Expect

The calendar features a variety of folk events, from energetic contra dances that will have participants swinging and sashaying, to open mic nights where budding musicians can share their talents. The listings include diverse folk styles and cultural traditions, ensuring there's something for everyone who enjoys the rich tapestry of folk arts.

Stay Updated

Due to short lead times for many events, folk music and dance aficionados are encouraged to follow the NHPR Folk Show's Facebook page. This will provide the most current updates and announcements about upcoming events to avoid missing out on any impromptu gatherings or last-minute changes.

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