Colorado Symphony Blends Mozart with Contemporary Compositions

Published January 15, 2024

The world of classical music, steeped in tradition from the old world, continues to evolve by embracing the new. Orchestras and other classical institutions are enriching the genre by commissioning works from present-day composers. These entities contribute to the landscape of classical music by premiering original compositions, giving them a chance to join the ranks of established classics.

Contemporary Meets Classic in 'Mozart & Now'

To ensure that classical music remains current and pertinent, the Colorado Symphony introduces the 'Mozart & Now' program, conducted by Peter Oundjian, scheduled for January 26-28 at Boettcher Concert Hall. This special event contrasts timeless pieces from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with refreshing works by modern composers, delighting audiences with a perfect balance of familiar and novel experiences.

Expanding the Repertoire

This initiative not only attracts audiences with Mozart's renowned compositions but also features living composers like Valerie Coleman and Carlos Simon, along with the late Christopher Rouse. Oundjian believes that audiences are receptive to new music; however, they are hesitant about evenings dedicated solely to unknown pieces. By mixing well-known Mozart pieces with contemporary compositions, the concert series supports budding composers and gives audiences the right amount of newness.

Unique Approach to Programming

The upcoming concert series will deviate from the symphony's norm of repeating the same program over three days. Instead, each performance will present variations, ensuring broader exposure for newer works. While featuring Mozart's 'Divertimento in D major,' attendees need to choose which night to attend based on the additional offerings, including 'The Magic Flute' overture, Symphony No. 40, and Horn Concerto No. 4, which showcases hornist Michael Thornton. Other pieces like Simon's Trombone Concerto and Rouse's Symphony No. 6, as well as Coleman's 'Umoja: Anthem of Healing,' will complete the program on selected evenings.

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