Tidal Introduces Circles: A New Networking Haven for Artists

Published March 12, 2024

Tidal, the high-fidelity streaming service, is branching out beyond just streaming music to fostering a community among musicians. The service has announced the introduction of Tidal Circles, an integrated social network tailored exclusively for artists. This novel platform is designed to be a collaborative space where artists can exchange industry insights, discuss career strategies, and build connections with their peers.

Exclusive Early Access for Rising Artists

The initial rollout of Tidal Circles is being offered to a select group of artists, primarily focusing on those enrolled in Tidal's Rising program and others identified as rising artists via the Tidal Artist Home feature. Although the current phase is an early access period, a wider release date for all Tidal artists is anticipated, though not yet specified by Tidal.

A Forum for In-Depth Artist Interactions

Integrated into the streaming platform, Tidal Circles provides four main discussion forums catering to different facets of the music industry: Touring & Booking, Fans & Social, Merchandise, and Music Creation. To ensure relevant and helpful discussions, a search function enables artists to pinpoint specific topics or conversations. In a blend of transparency and privacy, artists have the choice to contribute to discussions either under their known identity or anonymously.

Community Guidelines and Moderation

Maintaining a constructive and respectful environment, Tidal has put community guidelines in place and will have its customer support team moderate the interactions on Circles. Any artist failing to adhere to these guidelines will face actions tailored to the specific situation. Moreover, artists have the right to contest moderation decisions with the support team.

Complementary Features for Artists

Additional features complementing Tidal Circles include Tidal Collabs and Fans metrics, aimed at enhancing collaboration opportunities among artists and providing valuable listener analytics. Simultaneously, Tidal has announced changes to its subscription model, streamlining its offerings into a single plan that amalgamates all HiFi Plus features at a competitive price point.

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