Music Licensing, Inc. Takes Legal Action Against Misinformation Campaign

Published February 27, 2024

In Naples, Florida, as of February 27, 2024, the esteemed company in the music licensing realm, Music Licensing, Inc., has taken a decisive legal stance. They've issued cease and desist notices to Mt. Zion Market Ventures LLC and an individual named Jacob Slade, who have been identified as the primary sources of a defamatory misinformation campaign against the company.

Investigation Leads to Legal Measures

Music Licensing, Inc. conducted a thorough investigation which revealed a calculated scheme by Mt. Zion Market Ventures LLC and Jacob Slade to spread false narratives. These were particularly disseminated through social media channels and chatting platforms, targeting uninformed investors in the over-the-counter (OTC) and small-cap trading communities.

Combatting Market Manipulation

The company's response to these deceptive activities was swift and clear-cut. By issuing the legal notices, Music Licensing, Inc. intends to protect its reputation and assure investor confidence. They have unequivocally demanded an immediate stop to the various untrue and damaging pronouncements being made about their business operations.

Upholding Company Standards

While the initial response has been to serve cease and desist papers, Music Licensing, Inc. is committed to taking further legal action if necessary. The company stands firm on its principles of honesty, transparency, and corporate governance, urging its stakeholders and the public to seek out authentic sources for company-related updates, particularly from official SEC filings and press materials.

About Music Licensing, Inc.

Music Licensing, Inc., or Pro Music Rights, is a powerful player in the music industry, boasting partnerships with major companies and holding an impressive market share. Their connections span across popular platforms and their portfolio includes a diverse array of artists and even investment in music by well-known brands.

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