A Soulful Night of Music at The Night Owl's Blues Evening

Published March 11, 2024

A recent event at The Night Owl, a cozy cafe situated in Downtown Fullerton, captivated blues enthusiasts. On March 8, a night dedicated to the blues genre was brought to life at the venue's outdoor patio. The evening commenced at 7 p.m. with the Blue Cheese blues band initiating an open mic session, inviting attendees to participate in the harmonious revelry.

Community Gathers for Open Mic Blues

The chilly evening air was warmed by the fireside where patrons, with beverages in hand, nestled around to enjoy the live music. The outdoor setting reached full capacity, with an additional crowd of approximately 25 people standing outside the patio to take in the soulful performances.

Cover Hits and Impromptu Singers Steal the Show

The Blue Cheese band set the vibe with classic covers from The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Reed. Mike Johnson, the night's host and the band's lead vocalist, encouraged the audience to come forward and showcase their singing talents.

Tyler, from Orange, California, was the first to take up Johnson's offer, delivering a stirring rendition of Gary B.B Coleman’s 'The Sky is Crying'. His performance, noted for its impassioned and raspy delivery, was well-received by the audience. Following this, Steven Walker from Austin, Texas captivated attendees with his carefree version of 'Big Boss Man', also by Reed.

The Night Owl's Vibrant Music Scene

Amidst shy attendees, the band kept up the energy, improvising and jamming to the delight of the crowd. Ziggy, the guitarist, was particularly noted for his intense solos. Many guests had learned about the event through The Night Owl’s Instagram, illustrating the cafe's active digital presence in promoting their events.

Mario and Sara, who traveled from Montclair, were among those who attended, drawn by their love for live jazz and blues. They, like many others, were charmed by the fusion of a great musical selection and The Night Owl’s inviting ambiance.

The Night Owl is known for its variety of musical events, including vinyl nights and other open mic opportunities, making it a hub for local live entertainment seekers.

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