Album Launch: Bex Marshall's Comeback with 'Fortuna'

Published February 9, 2024

The long-anticipated return of blues-rock musician Bex Marshall is finally here, with her new album Fortuna set to release on March 1st. Over 10 years have passed since her last musical offering, and fans will be eager to hear what the acclaimed guitarist and vocalist has in store.

First Impressions with 'Fortuna'

The album kicks off with 'Preaching to the Choir,' an original track soaked in bluesy rhythms and Marshall's distinctive Chicago-blues guitar. It's clear from this first song that Marshall's message is loud and unyielding: she hasn't gone anywhere.

Following up is 'Dirty Water,' which channels a moodier vibe, evoking comparisons to Bonnie Raitt’s powerful work from the 1990s. Throughout the album, Marshall's voice rings true and carries a timeworn edge, while her guitar play is undeniably sharp and precise.

The Craft of Songwriting

Marshall's talent as a songwriter is on full display with nine of the ten tracks being her own compositions. Songs like 'I Can’t Look You in the Eye' give a nod to the classic electric blues sounds of icons like Muddy Waters.

An instrumental feat is achieved with the title track 'Fortuna,' which brings a vibrant Latin twist to the album. Other tracks such as '5AM' serve up soulful melodies, accompanied by notable instrumental contributions from Toby Baker on keyboards and the late Robert Eugene Daniels on bass.

A Kaleidoscope of Musical Styles

'Jungle' introduces a lively New Orleans rhythm and captivating slide guitar, standing out as one of the album's most dynamic numbers. The album then shifts gears, presenting a tight blues-rocker piece 'Lay Down N Die,' followed by 'Scrapyard Dog,' which delves into a country-blues tone reminiscent of John Hammond Jr.

The album culminates with 'When It’s Gone It’s Gone,' a poignant ode to Daniels. Despite its somber lyrics, the track has an uplifting, freeing quality, perhaps signifying that despite losses, the journey remains valuable.

A decade may have passed since Bex Marshall's last album, but her return to the music scene with Fortuna proves that some waits are indeed worth it. With her return, faithful listeners are rewarded with a rich tapestry of songs that blend the old with the new, showcasing an artist who has clearly continued to hone her craft.

With the album slated for release, it marks a significant comeback for the UK-based musician, symbolizing a homecoming through her recorded music. Fortuna is expected to resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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