Harvard Krokodiloes and Radcliffe Pitches to Perform at Free Concert in Bermuda

Published March 11, 2024

A captivating performance by Harvard University's oldest a cappella groups, the Harvard Krokodiloes and the Radcliffe Pitches, will be the highlight of a free public concert on Thursday, March 14, at 12:30 p.m. Held at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Bermuda, the event welcomes school groups, residents, and tourists to experience an afternoon of musical harmony and humor.

U.S. Consular and Ecclesiastical Invitation

U.S. Consul General Karen Grissette and the Right Reverend Bishop Nicholas Dill are reaching out to communities across Bermuda, encouraging everyone to take a break from their day and immerse themselves in the vocal talents of these dynamic performers. The concert is not just a display of musical prowess but also serves as a cultural bridge, celebrating the strong educational connection between Bermuda and the United States.

Special Tribute to Rev. Dr. Erskine Simmons

The concert is also set to honor Harvard alumnus Rev. Dr. Erskine Simmons, a respected community leader, pastor, and education advocate who has made a significant impact on Bermuda. His education at Harvard and professional journey in both Bermuda and the U.S. will be acknowledged among students from his alma mater, a fitting tribute for his dedication to education and civil rights.

Enhancing Educational Ties

Through this annual event, the Harvard Krokodiloes and Radcliffe Pitches strengthen the longstanding educational ties by performing across Bermuda. The concert will also shine a spotlight on the advantageous prospects of U.S. higher education, particularly for Bermuda's students. Furthermore, this year's concert aligns with the U.S. Consulate's 'Study with US' campaign, focused on providing information about studying in the U.S., scholarships, and pathways for international education.

The performance is free for all, showcasing a blend of musical talent that promises to entertain every attendee.

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