Marilyn Manson Sets Tour Dates With Five Finger Death Punch Amid Ongoing Allegations

Published March 9, 2024

As the season transitions into spring, musicians across genres are announcing their upcoming concerts and tours. Among them is controversial rocker Marilyn Manson, also known by his birth name Brian Warner. In a recent announcement on his official social media channels, Manson has revealed his plans to tour with Five Finger Death Punch and the act Slaughter To Prevail as special guests starting in August.

Manson's Return to the Stage

These scheduled performances will be Manson's first major tour since facing a series of sexual assault allegations, which notably included statements from his ex-partner, actress Evan Rachel Wood. While Manson has consistently denied the claims, the news of his return to live music has sparked reactions from several quarters.

Response from Accusers

Upon learning of Manson's tour announcement, a representative for one of his accusers provided a comment. Lawyer James Vagnini, who represents Ashley Walters—one of the women accusing Manson of sexual assault—shared his perspective with Rolling Stone, suggesting that the performances may be driven by financial necessity due to the legal challenges Manson faces.

The response from Manson's camp came through his attorney Howard King, who addressed the accusations made by Evan Rachel Wood. King refuted Wood's recounting of a music video shoot from 15 years ago, insisting that not only was Wood fully involved and coherent during the production but that any sexual scenes were simulated and did not involve actual intercourse. King emphasized that there were multiple witnesses who could attest to the truth of these statements.

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