Tennis Pro Chris Eubanks Balances Training with Enjoying Drake's Concert

Published February 9, 2024

Living the life of a professional tennis player can involve a tight and demanding schedule, with little time for leisure activities. But for American tennis player Chris Eubanks, striking a balance between an exacting career and personal passions is essential. Known for his impressive performance at Wimbledon, Eubanks recently took a well-deserved break from his intensive Dallas Open preparations to immerse himself in the vibrant atmosphere of a Drake concert.

Chris Eubanks' Passion for Music Shines at Drake's Show

The spotlight doesn't always have to be on the tennis court. For Chris Eubanks, it shone with equal brilliance at a lively concert hosted by rap icon Drake. An avid music enthusiast, Eubanks displayed his love for rhythm and beats by attending Drake's show, a fact he proudly shared with his followers on Instagram. Rather than merely being a spectator, Eubanks actively participated in the event, mingling with the crowd and soaking up the high-energy performance.

Eubanks and His Predilection for Drake's Music

In the realm of sports, rituals and pre-match routines form an integral part of an athlete's regimen. Chris Eubanks, a fervent admirer of Drake's music, revealed on the 'Black Spins Global' podcast his ritual of listening to 'Jimmy Cooks' by Drake before heading into competitions. This particular track resonated with him throughout the season, underscoring the significant influence music can have on an athlete's performance mindset. Eubanks' attendance at Drake's concert exemplifies his multifaceted identity as an athlete who appreciates the arts.

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