Scott Guild’s Multi-dimensional Creation ‘Plastic’ Hits Shelves with a Unique Soundtrack

Published February 11, 2024

Scott Guild delights readers and music lovers alike as he merges creativities in his new project 'Plastic,' a novel paired with a distinct soundtrack. A decade in the making, Guild's 'Plastic' tells the tale of Erin, a plastic figurine living in a future fraught with war and environmental terrorism. Guild, an accomplished musician turned author, explores a surreal world that, while seemingly outlandish with its plastic protagonist and figurine dystopia, rings familiar in its themes of struggle and finding solace in music.

An Unlikely Heroine in a Future Dystopia

The story draws parallels to our world, but stretches boldly into a darker timeline. As Erin navigates this future, she finds comfort in a cherished musical TV show amidst the chaos. Guild wrote an accompanying set of songs featured in this fictional show, which are released as a separate soundtrack to complement the reading experience of 'Plastic.' Guild's background as a noted Boston musician echoes through this project, reflecting his past experiences with his band, the New Collisions, that once captivated local audiences and shared stages with legendary acts like Blondie and the B-52’s.

A Novel-Soundtrack Fusion

Guild's musical heritage is evident in the album, which was crafted after the completion of the novel. The soundtrack, featuring collaborations with composer Cindertalk and singer Stranger Cat who embodies Erin, achieves a balance of organic and synthetic tones that mirror the narrative's emotions. The novel and its music together offer a unique expression of the protagonist's experiences, further immersing the audience in Erin's world. Guild's innovative storytelling doesn't stop at the printed page; he envisions 'Plastic' evolving into a full stage production, with the potential to captivate a diverse array of audiences from sci-fi enthusiasts to literary connoisseurs and figurine fans.

novel, soundtrack, dystopia