Monroe-Woodbury High School Chamber Orchestra Joins Forces with Munich Philharmonic String Quartet

Published March 21, 2024

In a remarkable blend of youthful talent and seasoned mastery, the Monroe-Woodbury High School Chamber Orchestra teamed up with the renowned Munich Philharmonic String Quartet for an unforgettable performance and master class.

Unique Collaboration at St. George's Church

Last month witnessed a unique event at St. George's Church in Newburgh, where the high school's 28-member Chamber Orchestra, composed of violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists, had the honor of participating in a master class with the distinguished Munich Philharmonic String Quartet. The session culminated in a joint performance that opened with Benjamin Britten's 'Simple Symphony,' setting the stage for the quartet's varied program.

Community Engagement and Music Education

The concert not only drew enthusiastic applause from proud parents and local music patrons but also highlighted the community's dedication to music education. Newburgh Chamber Music (NCM), the sponsoring organization, is integral to promoting classical music through concerts and educational programs, including an instrument bank for local students.

Learning from the Masters

Under the guidance of the quartet's members, the students honed their skills in an intense rehearsal, receiving personal advice that elevated their performance technique. The Munich Philharmonic String Quartet, consisting of members Bernhard Metz, Clement Courtin, Konstantin Sellheim, and Manuel Von der Nahmer, made a lasting impression on both the students and the audience.

An Inspirational Experience

The music and the master class not only inspired the student musicians but also demonstrated the universal appeal of classical music across generations. Jeanne Fox, a board member of NCM and the mastermind behind the master class, emphasized the importance of appreciating music as part of our collective human experience.

The Bigger Picture

The quartet's visit to Newburgh was part of a broader tour that included performances at Carnegie Hall and educational outreach in Ulster County. The collaboration in Newburgh was more than a concert; it was a statement that classical music transcends borders and cultures.

A Success for Classical Music's Future

This event achieved more than entertainment; it offered proof that classical music resonates with younger audiences, countering the fear of declining interest in the genre. It left a strong impression on all participants, underlining the necessity of nurturing musical talents and expanding the reach of classical performances.

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