Pinoso Unveils 'Musical Spring – Valencian Music Revival' Exhibition

Published February 12, 2024

The town of Pinoso proudly presents its latest cultural offering, the 'Musical Spring – Valencian Music Revival' exhibition. In a concerted effort to pay tribute to the region's musical heritage, the exhibition has been diligently organized by the University of Alicante and is currently hosted at the senior school in Pinoso.

Celebrating Valencian Melodies

The primary objective of the exhibition is to shine a spotlight on Valencian music. It includes features on the Pinoso radio programme that fervently promotes tunes in the Valencian language and puts a spotlight on the talented groups and individual artists hailing from the region.

Educational Dimensions

More than just a showcase, the exhibition seeks to enlighten young audiences about the vibrant history and contemporary significance of the local music scene through an immersive educational experience.

A Fusion of Arts and Culture

A distinctive aspect of the exhibition is its exploration of the intricate connections between music and other forms of cultural expression. It provides an overview of how music interacts with graphic art, literature, local festivals, family traditions, media, and educational institutions.

Interactive Features

Attendees can expect to engage with an array of thematic panels, books, magazines, and merchandise. Additionally, screens display lively concerts, compelling video clips, and programmes from television and the internet, ensuring a rich sensory experience.

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