Ken Jeong and Joel McHale Roast Jo Koy's Golden Globes Performance at the Emmys

Published January 16, 2024

Comedian Jo Koy found himself the butt of jokes once again at the recent Emmy Awards when his fellow actors Ken Jeong and Joel McHale took playful swings at his stint as the Golden Globes host where his humor didn't quite click with the audience. During these prestigious awards, the duo delivered their banter while presenting for Outstanding Reality Competition Program, leaving the crowd in stitches.

Revisiting the Golden Globes Host Stumble

Looking back at Jo Koy's Golden Globe hosting, his jokes targeting Taylor Swift and the 'Barbie' movie missed the mark, which did not go unnoticed in the comedy circles. At the Emmys, his peers didn't hold back, both McHale and Jeong made light of Koy's previous explanations that inadequate preparation time and an unresponsive audience, which he referred to as 'marshmallows,' were to blame for his lackluster performance.

The Comic Retribution Continues

Not only did Koy's Golden Globes gig provide material for Jeong and McHale, but even his former partner Chelsea Handler used it for a playful dig at the Critics Choice Awards. It seems that Koy's Golden Globes experience might not have gone as he hoped, but it's certainly left a memorable impression on his colleagues in the comedy world.

However, Jeong and McHale didn't just aim their comedic sights at Koy; they also engaged in light-hearted ribbing of each other. McHale humorously suggested that Jeong left his medical career for acting not by choice but due to a malpractice scandal - to which Jeong cleverly retorted, implying it was his skill that saved a patient's life, turning the punchline into a self-compliment.

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