The Sheepdogs Embark on a New Tour with Audience in Mind

Published January 16, 2024

For fans of heartfelt rock, The Sheepdogs are taking to the road yet again, delivering dynamic performances to eager audiences. Ryan Gullen, the bass player for this Canadian band, reveals that their latest tour and musical creations have been deeply influenced by thoughts of what listeners would seek out in the times to come.

Delving into 'Outta Sight'

Their recent album, titled 'Outta Sight', was born not merely as a playful homage to the past, but as a beacon of optimism amidst the challenging COVID-19 era. The band aimed to offer an escape, a way to lift spirits during an unprecedented period of global distress.

Creative Momentum in Uncertain Times

While the pandemic brought unforeseeable halts and shifted the course of many industries, it also sparked a wave of creativity within The Sheepdogs. The group found solace and purpose in crafting new music, even when the future of live performances was unclear. This led to the inception of fresh, resonant tracks designed to resonate with audiences far beyond the pandemic's shadow.

The Sheepdogs' dedication to their craft did not wane with the advent of lockdowns; instead, it propelled them to new heights. Whether it was engaging fans through drive-in shows or harnessing the electric energy of performing live again at sold-out venues, the essence of their music remained intact — an enduring commitment to connect with fans.

A Tour for the Fans

Their 'Outta Site Tour' is not just about promoting the new album but also about curating setlists that celebrate the band's expansive discography. Concert-goers can expect a medley of new hits and classic favorites, with the band's setlists meticulously crafted to celebrate its connection with dedicated fans.

Moreover, The Sheepdogs' current tour is a deliberate effort to include cities often skipped by major acts. By extending their reach, they demonstrate a conscious recognition of their roots and a desire to bring live music to devoted fans, regardless of geographical constraints.

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