J.I.D Shares His Journey from Athlete to Musician in ABC News Interview

Published January 16, 2024

Rap artist J.I.D recently appeared on ABC News, sharing insights about his transition from a sports athlete to a sought-after name in the Hip-Hop music industry. The 'Crack Sandwich' rapper, originating from Atlanta, has been gaining traction in the rap scene and reflected on his personal growth and career achievements during the interview.

J.I.D did not hide the mixture of emotions he felt about making it onto a national news platform. He expressed his humility and nervousness in an Instagram post where he commented, 'Bruh we made @abcnews 11-year-old J.I.D never even dreamed of this!! We humbled and was nervous af, but thankful.' The fact that he was featured on a television news segment is indicative of his rising success.

The interview covered J.I.D's background and how he moved from being an athlete to a Hip-Hop artist, an unconventional but courageous shift. His fan base has grown considerably since his early days, and he made a commitment to continue creating music, teasing an upcoming project with producer Metro Boomin. Additionally, J.I.D revealed an unexpected side project - a children's book he's been working on. Titled 'Astrid the Ostrich, an African Bird', the book focuses on the emotional experiences of children, presented in a unique fashion true to his creative spirit.

Despite the lack of a confirmed release date for his collaboration with Metro, J.I.D's consistent diligence keeps his presence alive in the music domain. His jump to a major news outlet not only marks a milestone but also a moment of well-deserved acknowledgment for his hard work and talent.

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