Concerts to Look Out for in 2024: Rising Stars on Tour

Published January 17, 2024

As we wave goodbye to a year of spectacular concerts, we prepare ourselves for what's next. 2023 was a year where megastars like Taylor Swift and Beyonce dazzled us with tours that became the talk of the town. It brought us shows that filled stadiums to the brim and uplifted local businesses. But the stage is now set for 2024, and while we can certainly expect continued excitement from pop icons such as Olivia Rodrigo, Playboi Carti, and Taylor Swift herself, this year holds a special spotlight for emerging artists hitting the road for their tours.

Emerging Artists Embark on Musical Journeys

The year begins with British artist Fred Again sparking excitement as he embarks on his second international tour. His electronic and hip-hop influence, along with TikTok virality, have created a strong fan following. For Baylor students and many others, the anticipation to witness his energizing performances is palpable.

Electronic music aficionado Alex Hollenshead voices his appreciation for Fred Again’s music, highlighting its pulsing beats and wider appeal that has seemingly broken genre barriers. The artist is not just winning fans with his audio tracks but also through engaging live performances that promise an immersive experience with impressive visuals and lights.

While Fred Again is sure to capture plenty of attention, he’s not the only act with fans waiting eagerly. Folk band Bendigo Fletcher, known for a mesmerizing mix of folk, rock, and country, is getting ready to grace stages with their presence. With their psychedelic take on indie folk, they stand out with vocal harmonies that have impressed listeners both live and on recordings.

Bendigo Fletcher, after touring across North America, has its sights set on expanding its performance calendar, much to the delight of fans like Samuel DeWall who lauds their unique sound.

Big Names and New Discoveries

Aside from the up-and-comers, heavy hitters like Nicki Minaj, Zach Bryan, and Hozier will also make their rounds globally. Their presence ensures that the year’s musical offerings are diverse and thrilling. It’s a year brimming with potential for concert-goers to discover new favorites or indulge in the music of established icons.

With a mix of familiar faces and fresh talent, 2024 promises a dynamic concert scene that caters to a wide array of musical tastes. It’s a call to all to snag tickets early and partake in the auditory feast the year has to offer.

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