Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton Merge Blues and Rock in 'Death Wish Blues'

Published March 10, 2024

Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, two singer-songwriter-guitarists with distinct sounds, saw potential in merging their musical styles. Fish, known for her blues sound infused with elements of roots and garage rock, has been a blues standout since her days jamming in Kansas City. Dayton's style, which leans towards outlaw country, effortlessly blends rockabilly and punk into his music.

Collaborative Efforts

Fish had contemplated working on a duet project, but had not found the right partner until she recognized Dayton's fearless stage presence. Their initial attempt at collaboration during a weekend session didn't produce the songs they hoped for, leaving them empty-handed. However, they preserved their belief in what could be an electrifying blend of their talents.

What followed was a covers EP titled 'The Stardust Sessions,' where they honed their collaborative process. The project set the stage for genuine teamwork, allowing them to share ideas freely and work transparently. It was the creation of 'Death Wish Blues,' their debut album in 2023, where they truly found their stride, exchanging musical ideas until an album materialized.

Death Wish Blues: Creating the Sound

With a vision for an album deeply rooted in blues but oozing with the raw energy of rock and punk, Fish and Dayton brought in Jon Spencer, the iconic producer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. His guidance was crucial in finding a sweet spot between their musical identities. Through Spencer's influence, the album 'Death Wish Blues' was born, characterized by its powerful guitars, gritty vocals, and a rock-solid honky-tonk feel.

Ensuring variety, some tracks on the album, like 'No Apology,' offer a gentler side with their soulful melodies reminiscent of Motown and Stax records. These tender ballads, as Fish mentions, are essential to the album's dynamic range. Ultimately, the collaborative effort between Fish and Dayton paid off, creating an album that's as catchy and dynamic as it is heartfelt and robust.

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