Fans Face Tough Times at Fred Again's Gold Coast Concert

Published March 10, 2024

Fans of the English music producer Fred Again were met with frustration at his recent Gold Coast gig. Many were left disappointed with the transport arrangements and set list choices at Saturday night's pop-up event.

Long Waits and Transport Chaos

Attendees experienced lengthy queues for free shuttle buses to reach Doug Jennings Park, where the concert took place. The show drew a massive crowd, resulting in transportation delays that some fans said turned the expected 10-minute ride from Australia Fair into an ordeal lasting nearly three hours.

Unhappy Concertgoers Voice Concerns

24-year-old Gold Coast resident Lisa Griffin expressed her dissatisfaction with the transport situation, having arrived at the pick-up point at 5 p.m. but not reaching the event until 7:45 p.m. She criticized the location as inadequate for the volume of people present, with an estimated 15,000 fans in attendance.

Another attendee, 30-year-old Kirsten Kae, echoed Griffin's sentiments, suggesting that the venue choice was a missed opportunity for the Gold Coast to highlight its event capabilities. Although Kae and others faced extensive delays getting to the venue, she felt the event itself was well-handled—likening the transportation fiasco to a minor glitch compared to the calamitous Fyre Festival.

Despite some grievances, fans like Griffin also found enjoyment in the event, praising the experience inside the venue. However, questions arose regarding the show's set list, which left some confused and seeking clarity on social media.

Overwhelming Demand for Tickets

Fred Again has seen his popularity surge in Australia, resulting in a rush for tickets to his surprise performances. Reportedly, over a million fans vied for a chance to see him live. The gig was part of a tour that included stops in Melbourne and Sydney.

The tour company responsible for organizing the event has not responded to comments about Saturday's issues.

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