U.S. House Moves Quickly on Bill That May Ban TikTok Nationally

Published March 8, 2024

In Washington, momentum is building in the House of Representatives for a bill that could potentially ban the popular video-sharing application TikTok across the United States. The bill is designed to address concerns related to the app's abilities to conduct surveillance and possibly influence American users.

Bipartisan Support and Rapid Advancement

The proposed legislation has quickly garnered bipartisan support, including an endorsement from House Speaker Mike Johnson. In a display of unity across party lines, the bill was unanimously passed out of committee with a vote of 50-0 last Thursday, signaling strong consensus on the issue.

Surveillance and Manipulation Concerns

Lawmakers from both parties have expressed unease about TikTok's potential role in surveilling American citizens and the implications it could have for manipulation. These concerns have catalyzed the bill's expedited journey through the House, where it is now slated to be considered for a full House vote soon.

Next Steps

After passing out of committee with unanimous support, the next stage for the bill is a full House vote. If the legislation passes, it would move one step closer to potentially making TikTok unavailable in the U.S., casting uncertainty over the app's future in one of its largest markets.

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