Rüfüs Du Sol Transforms a Jungle into a Party with their House Music

Published January 17, 2024

The night was far spent when my companions and I crossed under the Zamna sign, delving into the heart of the Quintana Roo jungle. Our timing was based on Rüfüs Du Sol's hint of playing music through to the dawn's first light.

Australian alternative dance group Rüfüs Du Sol, with members Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt, are famed for their Deep House tracks such as "Innerbloom," "You Were Right," and "Next To Me." However, tonight was special. The group was scheduled to perform a DJ set where they would showcase their musical range without limitation—much to the excitement of our group.

Calling it a 'concert' doesn't quite do justice to the event at Zamna—Tulum's top electronic music festival. Patrons weren't merely attending a concert; they were immersing themselves in a unique experience that only a fortunate few encounter.

Upon entry, festival-goers navigated a path akin to a cenote, illuminated by red and gold strobes, where actors dressed in Ancient Mayan regalia posed stealthily. The scene was set with the help of replica stone carvings, art installations, and the scent of copal incense, regarded as a purifier according to Mayan tradition.

The attendees were a spectacle themselves, dressed in a wild blend of bohemian and futuristic outfits, reflecting Tulum's burgeoning music scene. Across the festival ground, a diverse array of food vendors offered delicious treats, though at premium prices.

The stage was set with colorful lasers and visuals, accompanying a musical performance that commanded the soul. House music fans danced in unity, swaying to beats that induced a nearly euphoric state, described as ghostly, romantic, and tribal—yet deeply human.

The energy peaked as Rüfüs Du Sol performed "Innerbloom," a crowd favorite. The faithful beat, sparse lyrics, and an unexpected shower of rain created an atmosphere that merged the collective spirit of the audience with the transformative nature of the music. As dawn approached, the sense of unity and celebration was palpable, making the event an irreplaceable experience for everyone present.

Zamna festival extends beyond Tulum, hosting events in prominent music venues worldwide, offering opportunities for more to partake in its enchanting experiences.

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