This Week's Top New Songs: Highlights from Little Simz, Beth Gibbons, and More

Published February 9, 2024

Discover the Latest Standout Tracks

Musical gems from around the world grace our ears every week, and we've scoured the scene to bring you a selection of the week's most compelling tunes. This collection features remarkable contributions from a range of artists, ready to define your playlist for the weekend and the time that follows.

1999 Write The Future's 'Long In The Tooth'

The enigmatic hip-hop group 1999 Write The Future, tied with 88Rising, sparks curiosity with their 24-track album filled with collaborations. A standout single is 'Long In The Tooth,' combining the talents of De La Soul's Pos and delivering a memorable brassy beat.

Beth Gibbons Returns with 'Floating On A Moment'

Beth Gibbons of Portishead offers her soul-stirring vocals in a fresh solo track, 'Floating On A Moment.' Beyond the pure delight of Gibbons' voice, her thoughtful songwriting shines through, promising fans an exciting album on the horizon.

Glorilla's 'Yeah Glo'

Glorilla's latest hit, 'Yeah Glo,' is a bold declaration of her illustrious achievements and a signal that she's all set for an even greater year ahead. The song is a powerful expression of her journey and contribution to the vibrant Memphis rap scene.

Little Simz Explores New Sounds in 'Mood Swings'

British artist Little Simz continues to make waves with her latest EP, featuring the track 'Mood Swings.' Her relentless creativity hints at exploring darker and more experimental soundscapes in her music.

Love Remain Honors Gboyega Odubanjo with 'LDN Girls'

The London poet Gboyega Odubanjo's voice endures in 'LDN Girls' by Love Remain. The heartfelt tribute celebrates the unbreakable bonds within the city's communities and remembers the fragility of life.

MRCY's Soothing 'Lorelei'

MRCY debuts with 'Lorelei,' a tranquil single enveloping listeners in a calming psychedelic ambiance. The song deftly explores the complexities and confusions of new love while offering reassurance and confidence.

Kacey Musgraves Seeks New Beginnings in 'Deeper Well'

With 'Deeper Well,' Kacey Musgraves opens her heart to the possibilities of change and growth. The song's intimate composition highlights music's power to provide comfort and celebrate fresh starts.

Caroline Polachek and Weyes Blood Blend Voices in 'Butterfly Net'

Caroline Polachek, with Weyes Blood, revisits her career resurgence through 'Butterfly Net,' a song that beautifully fuses their distinctive vocal styles, creating an even more striking auditory experience.

Maggie Rogers Strips It Back in 'Don't Forget Me'

Maggie Rogers delivers authenticity and tranquility in her latest album 'Don't Forget Me.' Written over a short period, the album offers listeners a glimpse into Rogers' thoughtful return to basics.

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