Carnegie Hall to Host the Power Network's Black History Month Event

Published February 8, 2024

Carnegie Hall is gearing up to present the second annual Power Network event during Black History Month, reflecting on past achievements of African Americans and fostering new milestones within the community. The prestigious gathering, titled A Black History Month Conversation and Celebration, will illuminate insightful discourses and a festive atmosphere on February 12.

Star-Studded Panel and Performances

The event boasts a lineup of prominent figures including Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of the Earn Your Leisure podcast, wealth coach Cedric Nash, investor Sherese Clark Shares, philanthropist Robert F. Smith, and Governor Wes Moore. Entertainment will be delivered by Rick Ross, DJ Suss One, and Igmar Thomas' Revive Big Band, under the congenial host, Ed Lover.

The Minds Behind the Vision

The Power Network is the brainchild of Terry 'TR' Ross, William Cyrus Garrett, and Lewis Tucker, all well-regarded for their respective contributions to music, policy, and social impact. Their collective vision emphasizes the interplay of culture and influence in creating spaces to celebrate and empower African American communities.

The trio shared insights about the inception of this event series, highlighting the importance of fostering connections and shifting the cultural narrative within esteemed spaces like Carnegie Hall. Building relationships and utilizing cultural influence formed the crux of their mission to make these grand venues accessible and resonant with black history and achievement.

Setting a Precedent

Last year's event accomplished a groundbreaking spectacle with a vibrant energy that resonated with both first-time and returning visitors of Carnegie Hall. The inaugural Black History Month Conversation and Celebration was a complete sell-out, setting a vibrant tone and connecting deeply with the attendees.

The event organizers look ahead to a promising future with growing support from sponsors and interest from major companies wanting to broadcast the cultural milestone, signifying the unique and special nature of hosting an event at Carnegie Hall, as opposed to any other venue.

Tickets are available for this must-attend black-tie event, which promises to be both a bridge into the past and a gateway to the future of black cultural and economic growth.

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