Sanullim's Iconic Rock Anthems to Be Reintroduced on Vinyl in Europe

Published March 11, 2024

Iconic Korean rock band, Sanullim's influential music is set for a resurgence in Europe where four of its pivotal albums will be reissued as distinct LPs. The enduring legacy of this heralded rock trio is about to be celebrated with a new generation of listeners on the global stage.

Resurrecting Rock Classics

The revival initiative burgeoned when Guerssen Records, a Spanish record label, showed interest in reissuing Sanullim's music. This catalyzed the process of licensing which has culminated in the re-release of their seminal works in vinyl format. The albums being reissued are 'Already Now,' Sanullim's innovative debut, followed by the emotive 'Spread Silk on My Heart,' the soul-stirring 'My Heart (My Soul Is a Wasteland),' and a meticulously curated compilation, 'Evening Breeze.'

The Heart of Sanullim's Music

Combining elements of intense distortion and psychedelic rock with the organ, the compilation album, in particular, includes 23 tracks picked by Antoni Gorgues, CEO of Guerssen Records and a dedicated fan of the band. These tracks are harvested from the band’s evolution from their fourth to the ninth album, featuring standouts like 'Let's Go to the Vineyard,' 'An Hourglass in Midday,' and 'A Strange Day Like This.' While Korean audiences often praise Sanullim’s lyrical ballads, this particular selection highlights the band's early days of raw, edgy rock music.

The LPs are accompanied by English liner notes from Hugh Deller of Shindig magazine, cherished photos of Sanullim, and insightful articles discussing the band’s history. Adding to the visual appeal, Spanish artist Mario Feal brings his creative vision to the LP covers.

A Legacy Beyond Borders

Sanullim, comprising brothers Kim Chang-wan, Chang-hoon, and Chang-ik, first made a splash in the Korean music scene in 1977. Since then, they have significantly elevated the stature of Korean rock music, gaining international recognition and influencing a myriad of artists to explore various musical genres. The upcoming European-produced LPs will also be available in Korea as imported editions.

Music enthusiasts in Europe will have the opportunity to own a piece of Korean rock history when the remastered LPs hit store shelves, both online and offline, starting Friday.

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