Arcángel Invites Audiences to Choose Songs for His 'Abecedario Flamenco' Concert in Ronda

Published February 10, 2024

The renowned flamenco artist Arcángel is set to perform a special concert in Ronda, where, in a unique twist, the audience gets to decide the evening's playlist. This interactive performance is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28, in celebration of Andalucia Day, at the 'Vicente Espinel' municipal theatre at 8 pm.

Interactive Flamenco Experience

As a tribute to the history and artists of flamenco, Arcángel, a native of Huelva, will be accompanied by two talented guitarists. This performance not only honors the flamenco greats but also engages the concertgoers in an immersive musical journey. Prior to the concert, Arcángel will provide his social media followers with a selection of classic flamenco songs. Fans will then have the opportunity to vote on the pieces they wish to hear, ensuring that each concert is a one-of-a-kind event that reflects the preferences of the audience.

Audience Participation Shaping the Concert

This distinctive approach to concert planning allows fans to feel more connected to the music and the artist. The chance to shape the repertoire can transform the show into a deeply personal and communal affair. Arcángel is celebrated for his dedication to flamenco tradition and the introduction of new elements to the art form, making this participatory concept a fitting extension of his innovative spirit.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this special Andalucia Day concert have been made available and can be purchased for €5 at giglon.com, at the Casa de la Juventud, or at the Delegation of Culture and Festivities office. This performance is a must-see for flamenco enthusiasts and those interested in experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of Andalucia.

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