French Duo Air Perform Moon Safari Album Live for the First Time

Published May 13, 2024

The French electronic duo known as Air, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, is set to perform their iconic 1998 album Moon Safari in its entirety for the very first time. The live performance will take place at the Sydney Opera House, adding a symbolic dimension to the album's futuristic legacy with the venue's visionary architecture.

The Story Behind Moon Safari

Back in the late '90s, the album Moon Safari became almost omnipresent in cafes and gatherings, defining the soundtrack of the era. It was the product of Godin and Dunckel's musical ingenuity, the two having formed a partnership despite their distinctly different personalities and approaches to music. This partnership flourished amidst the vibrant and burgeoning electronic scene in Paris during the mid-90s.

The Odd Couple

Godin and Dunckel exhibit contrasting personas. Godin, mindful of his health and residing in a prestigious part of Paris, often showcases an architect's approach to making music, contemplating space and structure. Conversely, Dunckel, who was once a mathematics and physics teacher, portrays a more subdued and casual demeanor, residing in the more bohemian sector of Paris. Despite these differences, their collective vision of nostalgia and past innocence propelled them to create an album that celebrated childhood fantasies and a certain optimism from a bygone era.

Influence and Evolution

Moon Safari's combination of melodious landscapes, French flair, and electronic synths resulted in widespread acclaim and a string of imitators, setting the duo ahead in the music industry. However, in following their debut, they pivoted towards a darker and more abstract direction with their album 10 000 Hz Legend, breaking away from their initial success to explore deeper and more avant-garde musical territories.

Legacy and Transformation

Their musical journey was not only a creative revolution but also a personal one. Their work won the admiration of high-profile figures and influenced a generation of artists. As for their partnership, both acknowledge that musical synergy outweighs the need for personal friendship, with a belief that their differences fuel their creative fire.

Reunion and Recognition

Now, over two decades later, the album continues to resonate with fans and maintains its status as a '90s classic. The upcoming live performances mark a pivotal point in Air's career, manifesting the album's sound and design anew for audiences at the Sydney Opera House.

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