HENKO: Embark on a Cinematic Sonic Journey with the Film Symphony Orchestra in Mallorca

Published March 12, 2024

Get ready for an extraordinary musical journey with the Film Symphony Orchestra's latest tour, HENKO, which is about to enchant audiences in Mallorca. This concert is not just any performance; it's a full sensory immersion into the world of classic and contemporary movie soundtracks.

An Enchanting Evening at the Auditorium

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 16, when the esteemed Film Symphony Orchestra will grace the stage of the Auditorium in Palma de Mallorca. Lovers of film music can secure their tickets for a starting price of €40 and prepare for an evening of auditory and emotional delight.

Experience the Epic Soundtracks

Under the leadership of the vibrant Constantino Martinez-Orts, the night will be filled with the distinctive sounds of beloved films. Get ready to dive into the musical universes of 007: Skyfall, Mulan, Indiana Jones, and The Rock. This performance is designed to provide more than just entertainment; it offers a journey through the very essence of courage and transformation as depicted in cinema.

A Musical Tribute to Adventure and Change

With a repertoire that includes the heroics of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the playful tunes of Super Mario Bros, the enchanting melodies of Pocahontas and Harry Potter, and the timeless elegance of The Godfather, HENKO stands as a homage to the power of film music. This tour promises to touch the hearts of film buffs and music lovers alike, casting a spell of nostalgic and adventurous feelings.

Don't Miss the Magic

Experience the magic first-hand as the Film Symphony Orchestra transforms your evening into an epic voyage of sound. HENKO is more than a concert; it's an adventure in melody, inviting audiences to be part of the cinematic grandeur live.

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