Yuma Orchestra Association Charms Audience with Romantic Classics Concert

Published February 11, 2024

The Yuma Orchestra Association delighted music lovers with their Romantic Classics concert on a recent Saturday, bringing a touch of love to the stage through melodies that have tugged at heartstrings for decades.

Romantic Melodies Fill Snider Auditorium

With an aim to celebrate romantic tunes, the association's coordinator, Terry Irizarry, emphasized the special theme for the evening. Attendees at Yuma High School's Snider Auditorium were treated to two performances, one at 2:00pm and another at 6:30pm, designed to cater to a wide audience.

A Night of Iconic Love Songs

Fans of romance and music were serenaded with classics such as Celine Dion's iconic 'My Heart Will Go On' and The Beatles' timeless 'Yesterday'. These songs, known for their emotional depth and universal appeal, were part of a lineup that resonated with the concertgoers.

The Yuma Orchestra Association, which is celebrating its 48th year, also announced another concert set for May 18 at the same venue, promising another evening of enchanting music.

For those eager to experience the next round of musical delights, details for the upcoming concert and ticket information are available.

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