Kathy Hilton Celebrates the Grand Opening of Saks Fifth Avenue's New Women’s Store in Beverly Hills

Published February 11, 2024

Socialite and television personality Kathy Hilton attended a glamorous event to commemorate the grand opening of the Saks Fifth Avenue's latest women's store in the heart of Beverly Hills. The launch of this new luxury retail destination has been a highly awaited affair in the community, drawing in a mix of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

A Stylish Affair

The event was marked by style and sophistication, with Kathy Hilton and other guests showcasing the latest fashion trends, accessorizing their looks with a touch of class that is synonymous with the Saks brand. Guests mingled, appreciating the vast collection of designer apparel, shoes, and accessories, making the affair a true celebration of high-end women's fashion.

Beverly Hills: A Fashion Hub

Beverly Hills, known for its luxury and prestige, proves to be an ideal location for Saks Fifth Avenue's new endeavor. The store adds to the locale's reputation as a fashion hub, offering a curated selection of goods to cater to the discerning tastes of Beverly Hills' clientele.

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