Ireland's Eurovision Act Bambie Thug Delivers a Haunting Performance

Published May 11, 2024

During the Eurovision Song Contest's final night, Ireland's entry performed by Bambie Thug sparked a mixture of awe and fear among viewers. Bambie's act, which staged a candle-lit ritual complete with a dancer in demonic make-up and prosthetics, was enough for commentator Graham Norton to warn that it might be too scary for children.

Graham Norton Cautions Audience

BBC's beloved commentator, Graham Norton, felt compelled to offer a heads-up to parents, joking that the performance could be 'frightening' for the younger audience. His comment highlighted the chilling atmosphere of Bambie Thug's performance during the esteemed international competition.

A Performance to Remember

As Bambie Thug, whose preferred pronouns are they/them, sang 'Doomsday Blue' they mesmerized the crowd with their remarkable presence. Dressed in a costume resembling a devil, Bambie and their dance partner turned the stage into a scene that some viewers suggested should come with a 'nightmare warning.' While the terrifying imagery received mixed reactions, many fans were enthralled by the bold and unconventional performance, predicting a win for the dynamic artist.

A New Type of Irish Entry

Bambie Thug, hailing from County Cork, has been creating a buzz as the first Irish Eurovision contestant to reach the final since 2018. Known for their distinct style, described as 'Ouija Pop,' Bambie has been credited with bringing a fresh and edgy twist to Ireland's history in the song contest. Their performance, inspired by their self-identification as a 'rebel witch,' incorporated intense choreography and evocative visuals, setting it apart from the traditional entries of the past.

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