Macklemore Urges Perth Audience to Live in the Moment Without Phones

Published May 21, 2024

At a recent gig in HBF Stadium, Perth, renowned American hip-hop artist Macklemore, best known for hits like 'Thrift Shop', made a passionate plea to his audience. His request was simple yet forceful: put away the mobile phones that have become a common, and for many, a frustrating sight at concerts.

Macklemore's Message to Fans

During the performance, Macklemore addressed the crowd, emphasizing that the concert was a live hip-hop event, not a passive experience like an opera or a play. He encouraged the fans to actively participate in the moment by standing up and stowing their phones after capturing a few memories for social media. Macklemore expressed his desire to connect with the audience face-to-face, rather than performing to a sea of screens.

A Blend of Music and Message

Macklemore's performance was a mix of entertainment and activism. He tackled serious issues such as the conflict in Gaza, echoing Nina Simone's sentiment that it's an artist's duty to reflect the times. He took this opportunity to perform 'Hind's Hall', a protest song advocating for peace in the region. Yet, amidst the weighty topics, the atmosphere remained vibrant as he journeyed through his discography, connecting new tracks with crowd favorites, creating a spirited and memorable experience for the fans.

An Artist's Dream Realized

From dreaming of being on stage at seven years old to commanding a stage in front of adoring fans, Macklemore has certainly made his mark in the music industry. As more artists skip Perth in favor of east coast venues, the excitement and energy of the Perth crowd at Macklemore's show were undeniable, even on a quiet Monday night.

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