2024 Grammy Contenders for Song of the Year

Published February 5, 2024

The prestigious Grammy awards have announced their nominees for Song of the Year (SOTY), a category that celebrates exceptional songwriting. The SOTY award is distinct from the Record of the Year as it is bestowed solely on the songwriters. If the performing artist is not a credited songwriter, they will not share in this accolade. This year, however, each nominee also boasts a songwriting credit, setting up a rare situation where the performing artist could win for both their delivery and songcraft.

Impressive List of Songwriter-Artists

Among the competition are two standout songs from the 'Barbie' movie soundtrack, showing a strong influence of visual media on popular music. This group of nominated songs also includes multiple repeat contenders from the Record of the Year category, reinforcing their strength and popularity.

Lana Del Rey Eyes Second Shot at SOTY

Lana Del Rey may secure her first SOTY win with her second nomination for 'A&W,' a track marked by its evocative lyrics and emotional delivery. Del Rey is known for her intricate storytelling abilities, and 'A&W' beautifully showcases these talents reflecting a theme of poignant self-realization.

Jon Batiste Offers Soulful Lyricism

Jon Batiste, a musician with remarkable compositional skills, presents 'Butterfly,' a metaphorical piano ballad from his album 'World Music Radio,' earning one of his several significant Grammy nominations this year.

Dua Lipa and Mark Ronson's Infectious 'Barbie' Track

Dua Lipa and Mark Ronson collaborate once again on 'Dance the Night,' a song from the 'Barbie' soundtrack. This catchy disco track could be a strong contender, leveraging its chart performance and the duo's previous Grammy successes.

SZA's Bold Lyricism

With 'Kill Bill,' SZA re-emerges, collaborating with producer Carter Lang. The song's compelling lyricism resonates powerfully with listeners, characterized by SZA's fearless and transparent writing.

Taylor Swift and her Self-Reflective Hit

Taylor Swift's 'Anti-Hero' spotlights the singer's knack for crafting earworm choruses and insightful lyrics. Despite multiple nominations, Swift has yet to win SOTY.

Miley Cyrus's Fresh Take in 'Flowers'

Miley Cyrus, together with Kid Harpoon, delivers 'Flowers,' a piece that shifts away from her usual dramatic style to a more relaxed pop anthem, a divergence that might capture the Grammy's attention.

Olivia Rodrigo Continues Lyrical Success

Olivia Rodrigo's 'vampire' earns her a second SOTY nomination, following her wildly successful debut. Her song highlights reflective themes wrapped in catchy pop lyrics.

Billie Eilish Aims for Another Win

Billie Eilish holds her fourth SOTY nomination with 'What Was I Made For?' from the 'Barbie' movie, standing as the only past winner in the category this year.

Spotlight on First-Time Victors

Most of the nominees eagerly anticipate their first SOTY win, presenting a mix of returning Record of the Year candidates and fresh faces. With Billie Eilish’s track record and the impact of 'What Was I Made For?,' she is poised as a potential favorite for the Grammy decision-makers.

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