Olly Alexander Seen Post-Eurovision Amid Public Vote Disappointment

Published May 12, 2024

Olly Alexander was seen exuding courage as he stepped out for the first time since the Eurovision Song Contest, where he sadly received zero public votes. The 33-year-old Years And Years singer faced a tough outcome in Malmö, Sweden, finishing in 18th place despite a strong start with the juries awarding him 46 points.

Departure from Malmö

On a Sunday morning, Olly managed a smile while leaving his hotel at around 11 am. He chose not to engage with the press awaiting him and proceeded to catch a coach bound for the airport. Though the night before was challenging, he still made time to take a photo with a fan prior to his departure.

Responding on Social Media

Also on Sunday, Olly acknowledged the Eurovision winner on Instagram, offering congratulations to Swiss victor Nemo. It was his first public comment after the event's outcome.

Despite the unsatisfactory result, Olly was seen keeping a positive demeanor, wearing casual attire and avoiding reporters' inquiries regarding his performance which, despite its appeal to British audiences, did not resonate with the wider European public.

Continued Support and Defense

Amidst the zero-point shock, Olly's fans and even his father, David Thornton, expressed their surprise and support. David shared on the BBC that he was taken aback by the lack of connection between the Eurovision audience and Olly's song. Swiss entry Nemo, on the other hand, achieved an outstanding victory with a combined score of 591 from the jury and public votes.

The UK's null score led to an outpouring of dismay from British fans on social media, many of whom declared that Olly 'deserved better.' Whispers of sabotage also circulated, including speculation about sound issues, weak vocals, and debate over Eurovision's political implications. Still, Olly and his team appeared to take the results in stride, with images emerging of them enjoying the moment despite the public vote.

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