Three Musicians Who Aren't Fans of Paul Simon

Published March 5, 2024

Paul Simon has certainly earned a place in the folk music pantheon with his work as part of the iconic duo Simon & Garfunkel and his successful solo career. His music resonates with countless fans, but there are some fellow artists who, surprisingly, don't share the same enthusiasm for Simon's work.

1. Patti Smith's Dismissal

Renowned for her own poetic songwriting, Patti Smith doesn't seem to appreciate Paul Simon's music. In a stark confession, Smith once mentioned her lack of interest in Simon & Garfunkel's songs and her particular dislike for Simon's contributions. Nonetheless, she set aside her personal tastes in 2007 to cover 'The Boy in the Bubble,' citing the importance of the song's lyrics as her reason for doing so.

2. Joni Mitchell's Reaction to Lyrics

Joni Mitchell, another legendary songwriter known for her lyrical depth, has criticized Simon for what she sees as lyrical excess. Feeling that Simon's songs were overcrowded with words, Mitchell reconsidered her own approach to songwriting to ensure her work didn't mirror what she perceived as Simon's overindulgence in verbiage.

3. Bob Dylan's Rivalry

A mutual sense of competition is evident between Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, both of whom have taken veiled shots at each other. Dylan once mocked Simon during a performance in England, sparking a reaction from Simon, who responded with his own parody in the form of a song titled 'A Simple Desultory Philippic,' where he imitates Dylan's singing and musical style.

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