Victor Mitrani Transcends Genres with Little Oil's Latest Album 'Twelve Songs'

Published March 13, 2024

In the modest setting of his Richmond home, Victor Mitrani, known in the music world as Little Oil, has crafted an eclectic musical journey that resonates with his belief in limitless creativity. Mitrani's new album, Twelve Songs, encapsulates a vibrant spectrum of musical styles, signifying his unique approach to songwriting and production.

The Creation of 'Twelve Songs'

Mitrani's process is deeply personal and largely homegrown. He records all the components of his tracks - guitar, bass, and vocals - in the comfort of his own bedroom. It's a meticulous process where he takes multiple shots at each part until the sound aligns with his vision. Using GarageBand along with a simple click track or drum loop, he creates a basic demo to be refined and mixed by his friend Jason Gonzales. Once content with the mix, Mitrani passes it on to his drummer, Cody Rhodes, who often brings an unexpected twist to the rhythm, infusing each track with a dynamic freshness.

An Album Without Boundaries

Twelve Songs is a kaleidoscopic homage to pop music's rich tapestry - from the roots of folk to the edgy tones of modern rock, flavored with a touch of international influence. The album invites listeners with 'Sweet Fruit Jar,' setting an R&B ambiance through its piano intro which melds into Mitrani's soulful vocals. 'Hey Judas,' a nod to the Beatles, offers a mellow psychedelic experience, while 'Is that You?' draws from the jazz manouche style of the iconic Hot Club de France with Django Reinhardt-esque guitar riffs.

Mitrani's love for diversity extends beyond melodies to lyrical themes. 'Long Ago' tells a story of solitude and reflection, draped in a waltz rhythm in the vein of the legendary Jacques Brel. For Mitrani, the album stands as a collection of unique stories, each song connected by an intangible thread only perceivable through listening.

Supporting a Thriving Indie Community

The release of Twelve Songs finds its home under The Fountain Inc. Tape Collective, an independent label birthed from a community of musicians. Founded by Derek Barber and Jake Sucher amidst backyard shows during the pandemic, the label aspires to aid artists with their production expenses, reinforcing the spirit of artistic collaboration. Mitrani's inclusion in the label's collection signifies his support for this growing musical community.

A Fusion of Cultural and Musical Backgrounds

Mitrani's musical inclination was cultivated from multifaceted growing years, encompassing influences from his father's Mexican roots and his mother's New York background. His teen years were soundtracked by a diverse blend - from hip-hop to the iconic tunes of the Beatles, leading him to embrace guitar-centric rock and later, blues and folk. The wide range of music from skateboarding videos enriched his musical palette, inspiring Mitrani to pick up the guitar and begin his own songwriting journey.

Despite the challenges of band dynamics, Mitrani's unwavering passion led him from playing with others to focusing on solo projects. The result is an album that reflects a singular vision, tempered by collaboration but not dictated by compromise. His music is a true testament to the freedom found in solo creation.

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