Ali Azmat: From Disbelief to Rock Legend

Published March 23, 2024

Ali Azmat's journey to becoming the iconic figure in Pakistani rock music, particularly noted for his time with Junoon, was not paved with the encouragement of his extended family. In a candid interview, Azmat disclosed that, with the exception of his parents, his family did not have faith in his musical aspirations. They couldn't grasp why he would aspire to sing and dance as a profession, and rather saw him fit for a practical role like a radio TV mechanic.

Defying Family Expectations

Azmat reminisced about his school days, admitting he was not a stellar student and just about passed his exams. His lack of interest in academics didn't align with his family's definition of success. Despite the lack of understanding from his relatives and the advice against it, music seemed to call to him, a call he could not ignore.

The Shift to Music

Joining the local band Jupiter as a teenager was a step toward his musical passion, a step that also allowed him to afford a motorcycle with his earnings. Yet, even then, he didn't view music as a lifelong profession. It was the act of singing, the entrancing effect it had on him, that eventually solidified his path. Turning deaf ears to any talk that didn't support his passion, Azmat's affinity for music grew stronger.

From Passion to Career

Money was not the driving force for Azmat. It was solely his love for music that pushed him to work hard and eventually led to the inception of Junoon. This resolve not only changed his life but also transformed the landscape of rock music in Pakistan. Overcoming skeptics in his family, he gained recognition and respect to the point where his grandmother, once a doubter, was moved to tears by his success.

Fan's Delight

For fans of Junoon, Azmat's determination to follow his dream regardless of a lack of familial support has made a significant impact on Pakistani rock music. His story is a testament to following one's passion against all odds, culminating in a legendary career that continues to inspire.

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