British Shoegaze Pioneers Slowdive Enthral Seoul with Dreamy Concert Performance

Published March 10, 2024

British shoegaze icons Slowdive held their first-ever solo concert in Seoul on a Saturday, delivering a spectacular experience to an eager crowd. The event saw a turnout of approximately 2,000 spectators at the Myunghwa Live Hall located in the western part of Seoul, who were treated to a fully sold-out show.

An Enchanting Evening with Slowdive

The concert atmosphere was relaxed and jubilant, complemented by a cozy snack bar near the entrance where fans could purchase beer and light refreshments. Slowdive, a band synonymous with the shoegaze movement, was created by musicians Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell back in 1989. After a sudden hiatus in 1995, it took the group two decades to make a comeback, which they did in 2014. They had previously made an appearance in South Korea for the Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival in 2017.

Local Talent and Memorable Performances

As a special prelude to the night, Parannoul, a solo shoegaze act from Korea, opened the show. The artist, known for his anonymity, began the concert amidst a sea of blue lighting with the track 'We Shine at Night.' Parannoul performed a setlist of five songs, highlighting new, exclusive compositions dedicated to the opening act.

Following Parannoul, Slowdive graced the stage against a backdrop of vibrant green sound waves. Donned in black attire, the quintet initiated their set with the track 'Shanty,' diving into a sonorous blend of piercing guitars, pulsating drums, and their signature otherworldly vocals. The band communicated with the crowd through expressive waves and smiles, choosing to let their music resonate over spoken words.

A sequence of thirteen enthralling numbers, including hits like 'Catch the Breeze,' 'Crazy for You,' and 'When the Sun Hits,' left the audience craving more. An encore was inevitable, with the band returning to play three additional songs, among which were 'Sugar for the Pill,' 'Dagger,' and 'Golden Hair,' the latter featuring imagery of the late Syd Barrett as a tribute.

The night concluded with heartfelt appreciation from Goswell to the fans, as drummer Simon Scott gifted his drumsticks to the audience. Assurances of a remarkable evening echoed as Slowdive left the stage after promising an unforgettable performance.

Slowdive is currently traversing the globe on their world tour, following the release of their fifth album, 'Everything Is Alive.' The band plans to continue captivating audiences across Asia and Europe.

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