Acclaimed Composer of 'Oppenheimer' Bridges the Gap Between Film and Video Gaming

Published March 12, 2024

Modern society prides itself on being open-minded and inclusive regarding people’s interests and hobbies. We aspire to a world beyond old biases, especially the divide between what’s considered high and low culture. Despite these aspirations, certain perceptions still linger, as evidenced by a notable comment at the Oscars that challenged the status of video games in the realm of art.

A Surprising Oscar Moment

At a recent Oscar ceremony, Ludwig Göransson, the esteemed composer recognized for his work on 'Oppenheimer', made an unexpected remark in his acceptance speech. Göransson, no stranger to Oscar glory with a previous win for 'Black Panther', thanked his parents for choosing musical instruments over video games for him. The comment, although seemingly light-hearted, hinted at a lingering sentiment that video games might be a lesser art form, a view that overlooks the expansive artistic merit found in video game scores.

Ties Between Cinema and Gaming

The irony in Göransson's speech is not lost when one considers the similarities between film and video games in their use of sound to create an experience. Both mediums rely heavily on audio to convey emotion and enhance storytelling. Notably, some of Göransson’s peers at the Oscars, like Laura Karpman, have successfully composed for both film and video games, demonstrating the fluidity between these creative fields.

Educating Through Music

In response to misconceptions like Göransson's, one could either attempt humor or take the opportunity to learn more about the rich legacy of video game music. This music has made significant contributions to the cultural landscape and continues to do so by offering immersive experiences that blend narrative, visual, and auditory elements.

Video games have evolved to be about much more than just play. They are experiences that bring together storytelling, visual arts, and music, and they deserve similar appreciation and respect as any other form of artistic expression. The music of video games, rich with creativity and artistic skill, warrants recognition and admiration for the emotional depth and enjoyment it provides to audiences worldwide.

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