Trenacia 'Trenace' Esseboom: A Passion for Music and Blessing Audiences

Published March 22, 2024

Originating from St Philip, Trenacia ‘Trenace’ Esseboom is a name steadily becoming synonymous with evocative and powerful vocal performances within both gospel and secular circles. Having a talent that knows no bounds, Trenacia consistently graces a variety of events with her singing, bringing joy and inspiration wherever she goes.

Unwavering Dedication to Her Craft

Trenacia's commitment to her music is evident in her enthusiasm to perform whether at large venues or intimate gatherings. With a philosophy rooted in the joy of blessing others with her voice, she remains ever-ready to make her contribution to any event, bringing her personal touch of warmth and genuine love for music.

A Standout Performance

Internationally recognized events such as the International Women’s Day weekend have witnessed Trenacia's captivating performance. Living in Barbados, the talented Guyanese-born singer notably thrilled attendees at the Egi "Rise Together: A Celebration" Event, where she showcased her skills alongside a live band as the star performer.

Music: A Lifelong Passion and Service

"Music is my passion," Trenacia proudly proclaims. Her vision extends beyond entertainment, as she sees her singing ability as a means to serve others not only in ministry but also to uplift spirits in various social settings. She aims to craft music that resonates with a broad audience, intending to forge connections through relatable verses and melodies.

Looking Ahead to New Musical Horizons

At 36, this dynamic vocalist is on the threshold of a new chapter in her career with preparations to release her first album later in the year. This upcoming album is a testament to her growth as an artist and signifies her eagerness to create an enduring impact through her songs.

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