Setback for Dylan Howard, Trump's Australian Media Ally

Published May 22, 2024

Dylan Howard, a Geelong-born journalist previously at the helm of The National Enquirer, has experienced a new professional hurdle. Howard, who had an infamous reputation for 'catch and kill' tactics that reportedly aided Donald Trump's presidential campaign, was associated with a recent failure involving the music magazine Q.

Although Howard has not been legally charged, his role in suppressing unflattering stories about Trump during the 2016 election thrust him into an unfavorable spotlight. He prided himself on being a journalist who purportedly ended the careers of high-profile figures such as Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Hulk Hogan.

Howard's latest venture, Empire Media, attempted to resurrect the previously ceased publication Q as a digital edition. Despite the plan, the relaunch only lasted five months before the magazine was abruptly shut down, leading to the layoff of six journalists from the company. Empire Media stated the need to concentrate on their main properties for future success as the reason behind the closure.

Financial Dispute Embroils Diplomatic Relations

A diplomatic tension has surfaced between the UK and several countries over unpaid congestion charges by foreign embassies. Transport for London (TfL) claims a significant sum in unpaid charges from various embassies, with the US embassy topping the list, followed by those of Japan, India, and Nigeria.

The Australian embassy also owes a minor debt, but this comes at a time when international relations are particularly crucial for defense collaborations. Despite reaching out, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade had not provided a response regarding the payment of the overdue charge.

Victorian School's Water Bottle Ban Triggers Reaction

In educational news, Ballarat Clarendon College imposed a controversial ban on water bottles in classrooms, prompting outcry on social media. The school stated the ban aimed to reduce noise and interruptions from toilet breaks. However, students argued it infringed upon their rights and may affect their well-being and concentration during school hours. The school defended the policy, noting initial feedback suggested a positive effect on classroom environment and student focus.

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