Mandolin Maestros' Love Inspires New Concerto Debut in San Jose

Published March 12, 2024

Two mandolin virtuosos, Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg, are the muses behind a new double concerto titled 'A Game of Cat and Mike.' This piece, composed by Evan Price, mirrors the couple's love and shared passion for music. The San Jose Chamber Orchestra (SJCO) will present this world premiere, with additional works by renowned composers, to create an evening of musical harmony and heritage.

A Tale of Two Talents

Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg are not just partners in life but also on the stage. Their combined efforts aim to broaden the mandolin's modern repertoire. Marshall's foundation is in groundbreaking string music, while Lichtenberg brings a classical European sensibility to the table. This cross-culture brings depth and variety into their performances. Evan Price, a friend and fellow musician, takes on the challenge of depicting their personal and musical journey through his composition.

A Symphony of Styles

Price's concerto invites listeners on a journey of the mandolin's historical background, commencing with Baroque roots and traversing through Italian romantic pieces to more contemporary influences like choro and bluegrass. The piece is an exploration of these genres, woven together by the thread of Marshall and Lichtenberg's union, both personal and musical. Apart from exhibiting the mandolinists' prowess, 'A Game of Cat and Mike' also challenges the SJCO, incorporating their instrumental strengths into the narrative.

Impacting the Musical Landscape

Price is no stranger to composition, with an extensive body of work that ranges from Gypsy swing to operatic accompaniments. His role as a music director for the International Space Orchestra showcases his versatility and commitment to pushing boundaries. The creation of 'A Game of Cat and Mike' is a testament to his ingenuity and dedication to crafting stories through music, this time chronicling a love story between two mandolin icons.

Experience the Romance of the Mandolin

The premiere of 'A Game of Cat and Mike' stands as a testament to musical and romantic harmony. It's a unique opportunity for audiences to witness firsthand the blend of individual talents forming an unforgettable symphony of mandolins. This concerto is set to take place at a special event catered by the SJCO, promising a night of enchanting melodies and the spirit of collaboration.

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