Iconic Band R.E.M. Reunites at Tribute Concert for 'Murmur'

Published February 9, 2024

Fans were left exhilarated when the members of the legendary rock band R.E.M. appeared together onstage during a special tribute event. This unexpected reunion took place at the 40 Watt Club, which is ingrained in the band's history, located in Athens, Georgia. The venue witnessed the unexpected appearance of Michael Stipe, Bill Berry, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills, who formed the original lineup of R.E.M.

A Night of Nostalgia

The event, primarily a showcase by actor Michael Shannon and musician Jason Narducy, involved a complete live rendition of R.E.M.'s acclaimed debut album 'Murmur'. The album was presented in its entirety, alongside other favored hits from R.E.M.'s discography. Despite performing together, reports suggest that the band members did not play their instruments live.

Footage and images from the evening show Stipe addressing the crowd, sharing the group's excitement to be part of the event. While additional footage is pending release, the initial clips have sparked a wave of excitement among R.E.M. enthusiasts.

The Legacy of 40 Watt Club

The 40 Watt Club is a venue with deep connections to R.E.M.. It is also known for ties to Peter Buck's ex-wife Barrie. The club is remembered for its place in R.E.M.'s history, including memorable performances and crowd interactions with Stipe.

R.E.M. disbanded in 2011 after a memorable three-decade-long career, with Berry stepping down earlier in 1997. However, the band members have occasionally reunited for sporadic performances, including Berry rejoining for special appearances in the 2000s.

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