Robbie Williams Introduces New Band Lufthaus at Creamfields This August

Published March 22, 2024

Robbie Williams is set to make waves in the electronic music scene with his latest project, Lufthaus, as they prepare for their live UK stage debut at the renowned Creamfields festival later this summer. Lufthaus, a dance group born out of collaboration between Williams and his friends Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis, promises to bring a fresh sound to the audience. Despite having birthed an album 'Visions Volume 1' and several singles, the group has not yet performed in front of a UK crowd.

Robbie Williams' Journey with Lufthaus

Two years back, Robbie Williams, the pop icon, joined creative forces with Metcalfe and Francis to form Lufthaus. The trio has infused personal elements and passion into their work, especially notable in their debut album. According to Williams, the album represents their 'heart, soul, and vision for electronic music.' Flynn Francis has echoed Robbie's sentiments, stating that the joy and fun of creating the album shine through in their music.

Set for a Sunset Debut

Come August, Lufthaus is gearing up for an illustrious start, with Robbie and his group penciled in for the 'sunset slot' on the final day of Creamfields. This marks a pivotal moment, potentially making them the closing act of the festival. Creamfields has been a highlight of the UK dance scene since its inception in 1998, migrating from Winchester to Liverpool and finally settling in Daresbury, Cheshire in 2006. In the company of other powerhouse acts like Calvin Harris, Fatboy Slim, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix, Lufthaus is set to shine.

Reflections on a Varied Career

Outside of Lufthaus, Robbie Williams has been in the news recently regarding his past with Take That and the relationship with his former bandmate Gary Barlow. Williams' departure from Take That was followed by a successful solo career and a rekindling of ties with Barlow and the band in their 2006 reunion. Despite past tensions, recent social media posts by Robbie suggest a reflective and possibly conciliatory tone in reminiscing his journey with Take That and Gary Barlow.

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